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I Have The Healthiest Relationship To Modern Technology Of All Time

Miss Manners, 12 April 2013:

DEAR MISS MANNERS: We hosted a dinner for a female friend of ours, and after dessert we retired to the family room to watch a one-hour episode of a top-rated program. Our guest wasn’t interested in the show and proceeded to take out her phone and check e-mail, or something.I found this to be very rude. I thanked her for coming and switched off the TV as she departed. Am I crazy, or has folks’ behavior become so phone-obsessed that they find it virtually impossible to break free of the darn thing?

Gentle Reader,

Sadly, many people these days are so obsessed with modern technology that they allow it to take them away from the valuable human interactions that sustain us emotionally and spiritually. Your “friend” apparently cannot break free of this screen that she seems to be so enamored of; don’t bother inviting her to another one of your mandatory television watching parties.

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