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Help! My Roommate Shops At Thrift Stores!

New York Times Social Q’s, 15 March 2013:

My roommate and I get along great, with one exception: she loves to buy clothes from secondhand stores, which I find disgusting. I’ve tried to be sensitive in explaining the risks to our shared home of bedbug infestation, but I haven’t gotten through to her. She just replies that she loves bargains and looking unique. Any advice? - Cyndi, New Haven

Dear Cyndi,

Please give me a moment to recover from the horror of your predicament. I’ve heard about a lot of bad roommates in my day, but one who has the gall to shop at second-hand stores … well, this really takes the cake.

Have you sensitively explained to her how filthy the people who donate to and shop at thrift stores (particularly in New Haven, Connecticut) are? I hardly think your roommate’s ability to shop wherever she pleases like a free human being who lives in the world trumps the obvious facts about the realities of second-hand shopping, which is that you think it’s fucking disgusting based on the extensive research you’ve done inside your brain.

The only thing to do is for you, yourself, to move out, and as soon as possible—there’s no sense remaining one moment longer in your roommate’s chamber of fetid putrescence.

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